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Trauma is not necessarily a severe, long-term event like abuse or neglect. There are degrees of trauma, according to this very informative Psychology Today article. The short version: trauma is any event that your mind just can’t digest.

I decided to start this project after going to a conference on creative expression and trauma at Lesley University, where I was teaching writing at the time. An amazing group of speakers gave presentations on projects and research they were doing, such as creating poetry out of the intense transcripts of war crime tribunals. I mean, woh.

One message that was stitched through all of the presentations was that healing from trauma takes place when there is a way to express what happened–and, what was new to me, when there is an audience to receive that expression.

I thought and thought about a way I–a writer, not a therapist–could facilitate this type of healing. From that, Unsilence Yourself was born, with the help of my wonderful friend and web designer, Nicole Mazzeo.

Please support this project–and yourself– by submitting your work.

Thank you,

Christine Junge


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